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STEP 1. First lets start off like the factory does when building cars, draw the framing like a typical car.   STEP 2. Now make the lining for the windshield and the round circles for the tires. Here is where you can see how the tires look a little flat. Don't make the same mistake I made because with flat tires you can't go to far.   STEP 3. Start with the lining for the rims on the tires and the head lights. Also draw the frame to separate the hood from the windows.   STEP 4. Fog lights, hood detailing, rear window details, and rims get the special treatment. As you can see this is real simple. All you're really doing is drawing a box that looks like a car.   STEP 5. Add more detailing to the car. Put more definition to the tires and the sports runner along the bottom of the door. Don't forget to add the famous Lamborghini emblem on the hood.   STEP 6. And there you have it. The Lamborghini Gallardo V10. I finished her paint job in Photoshop cs but you can use some good colored pencils.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.