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STEP 1. First begin with an oval for the base of the head. Then draw a smaller circle for the wolf's snout. Lets proceed to the next step shall we?   STEP 2. Draw your line of position for your wolf.   STEP 3. Draw two triangles for the ears. A wolf's gotta hear right?! Now lets proceed to sketching that snout. Draw a Twinkie shaped nose for your little dogie. Then add two smilies for the wolf's eyes. This isn't the finished product of the eyes so don't go into distress!   STEP 4. Start drawing two marsh mellowly circles for the base of the wolf's body.   STEP 5. Draw the under scopes of the wolf's eyes. Draw a mouth for your dog as well. Add a puff to the far right of the nose. This gives your wolf its cuteness (which I adore!). Draw a puffy circle encircling his face. This gives your canine some bounce. Do you see those three little circles floating around at the base of the body? Those are the knees of its forelegs and back legs. Now let's move on.   STEP 6. Lets give your legs some stems! Lol, now legs go on to the ears. Make them a little more detailed too.   STEP 7. Draw some pupils to the eyes of the wolf. Isn't how to draw a 'real' wolf awesome. Let's start shaping up those legs. Start giving some detail to the snout and nose. Look at the wolf! Its soooooooo cute!   STEP 8. Sketch out he fur a little more and add some realism to the paws. If you noticed, the bottoms of the legs are cut off. This is because the wolf is standing in snow. Draw out the puffiness to the tail and the mouth.   STEP 9. Give your dog some pattern on its head and some slight whisker markings. Yes, wolves have whiskers. This is because, whiskers are used as sensors. Not only cats have whiskers but other animals do too. So start giving some fur to the wolf.   STEP 10. Now erase those guidelines and you'll have this adorable canine. I used my Photoshop CS program to paint the fur more realistically and the background. Have fun with your wolf and color it any way you want. Just give credit to dragoart. I hope you join to submit your own tutorials. Maybe I can learn from you!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.