How to Draw a Spider

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STEP 1. First, begin with a hexagon shape this will be the base of the thorax. Then draw the abdomen, this shape will be a large circle.   STEP 2. Draw eight bent lines. These are the spider's two four pairs of legs. I know, the spider looks like its floating. Don't worry, wait till we add the background.   STEP 3. Now, I know this step seems hard right now but it isn't. So, we will trace over the eight lines that we draw earlier. These retrace steps will resemble to a crab's legs. Just start the legs out fat at the bottom and as you reach a joint enclose that tip with a rounded shape. Its that simple!   STEP 4. Now, let's start shaping up that thorax and abdomen. Think of a hamburger when you draw the thorax. A spider's body isn't always round. It has some distorted shape to it. Now let's draw make that abdomen nice and oval. Doesn't it look real juicy!   STEP 5. Now for the eyes. In the middle of that spider's thorax we will sketch out a bell shape. At the bottom of the thorax draw two ovals together for the spider's massive mandibles. Sketch out two lines on the side of the mandibles as Pedipalps. These are used for when the spider wraps its prey in a silk ball. Then it sucks the blood from its prey.   STEP 6. Start shaping out those pedipalps. Draw the fangs for your mandibles. Make these sharp. Since a spider has eight legs, draw eight eyes. Drawing spiders is fun isn't it.   STEP 7. Now, we're gonna add some lumps and bumps to the spider's eight legs. Give some perspective to the head area. Make the legs have a flexible look too. See how our spider is coming along! Whenever you have a friend that wants to know how to draw a spider and web, you know who to link to. Lol!   STEP 8. The next and almost last step is very simple. We will add the hairs to the legs. This makes your spider have some heavy realism. The spider I made was my own species. Its called a Living Dead Spider. I tried to make it look scary. So, anyways. let's proceed to the next step.   STEP 9. Erase your guide lines and you'll end up with this very handsome and clean lineart. Look how the spider looks sooooooooooo evil! Join and submit your own how to draw a spider tutorials! Its fun and easy too! I love submitting tutorials!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.