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STEP 1. Draw an ovally box shape. This will be the basic anime manga hand shape for your character.   STEP 2. Draw four lines sprouting from the top of the hand. These will be the sausage fingers! Lol, I'm just playing around. These will be the fingers. To the left sketch out a long line extending toward the index finger. This will be the thumb.   STEP 3. Draw three circles on each line of the front fingers. These are very important when you are drawing hands. These are the bones that are in the inside of the hand. At the left again (thumb), draw a curved line going into the base of the hand. Now your thumb is looking like a real thumb.   STEP 4. Start redrawing around those finger circles. Draw some more realism to your male anime character's thumb. Now the hand is coming along awesome!   STEP 5. Add some extra detail to the hand. This includes, wrinkles, and some roundness to the the sides of the hand. A hand has wrinkles cause those wrinkles are actually large pores to latch onto things without slipping. If we didn't have these large pores, everything would slip from our hands. Isn't that odd?!   STEP 6. Now that your done, cleanup your guidelines and you should be finished. Now you have a good looking anime male's hand. As you can see, a male's hand is much larger than a female's. I hope this tutorial helped out a bunch. Please comment!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.