How to Submit a Tutorial on Dragoart

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STEP 1. To begin your first tutorial, click the 'Add New Tutorial' button or the 'Submit Tutorial' button on your right hand side.   STEP 2. You'll be brought to another page. This is the tutorial submittal page. Read the instructions carefully! After this you'll be ready for your next step.   STEP 3. Now, this is the third step to creating a tutorial. The fields you have to fill out will automatically create the first step. First add your title. There cannot be any contain special character. It can only include numbers and letters. Although, the title must start with a letter. The next field asks you to browse for an image. This image will be displayed as a cover for your tutorial. The next field is the description field. Briefly explain your tutorial or any author comments. The next field is the skill level. This enables viewers to see if the tutorial level is hard, easy, or intermediate. The next and almost last field is the category section. You must carefully categorize your tutorial. Now it's time to click that create tutorial button. This is when it will automatically create a new step.   STEP 4. A new step should appear once you fill in the fields above. Simply browse for a step image and fill in the instructions for that step. Click the save button and another step will pop up beneath the step you just made. Note* You can submit your tutorial once you have two steps.   STEP 5. Now, a cool feature you can use when submitting tutorials is the shortcut box. This allows you to warp to recent step you just made. If you click the 'Next Step' button, you will be brought to the next step. Click the 'Preview' button and you can view your tutorial!   STEP 6. Now, once you have a third or second step, you'll notice two or three buttons. These allow you to delete a step, to move your step up, or move your step down. These are emergency buttons that you can use if you mess up.   STEP 7. Once your satisfied with your tutorial, click the 'Submit Tutorial' button. You will not be allowed to delete or edit your tutorial. Note* This might change in the future.   STEP 8. Finally, you'll be brought to a new page. This notifies you that your tutorial is up for approval or disapproval. If your tutorial is approved, you'll be notified in an email.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.