How to Draw an Ear

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STEP 1. Begin with outer shape of the ear (think mangoes) and the external auditory meatus. This is where the ear carries sounds to the eardrum.   STEP 2. Now add this hook shaped line at the top of the ear. This is called the helix or the fold surrounding the auricle. Wow, these words are really weird aren't they?!   STEP 3. Finally, draw a bumpy curved line moving towards the end of the helix. This is called the concha or the deep end of the ear. Finish off that end of the ear to make the ear lobe.   STEP 4. If you shade in the 'external auditory meatus', you'll have a realistic ear! Wasn't that purely easy. Hey, you also learned all the different parts of the ear too. Anyways, I hope this tutorial was very helpful. If I'm missing something comment this tutorial and I will improve it. If you have any comments, please leave one behind. Thanks for viewing my tutorial and I hope you improve drawing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.