How to Draw a Bulldog

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STEP 1. First as you can see start with a big circle for his head.   STEP 2. Then if you look at this step what you want to do is add the lining for his ears, eyes, and pudgy nose. As you know bulldogs have a swished in face.   STEP 3. Then draw out the droopy mouth the lining for the top of his nose and define the ears more in this step.Also sketch out the bottom half of his droopy eyes as well.   STEP 4. Now in this step as you can already see the bulldog is coming through. What we do here is start shaping his nose and giving him some eye balls. If you look on top of the head you can see that I've already started to put shape to his skull and ears.   STEP 5. This step basically consist of giving the bulldog all those gorgeous wrinkles. Just follow the direction that the lines are going in. If you notice it sort of has a two dimensional shape, and that is what were going for.   STEP 6. Again here put more details in the bulldogs face and now is a good time to start sketching out the shape of his head as you can see above.   STEP 7. Almost done this is the last step before we come to the finished product. What you do here is draw his upper back and his sagging neck. Now is a good time to perfect your sketch and erase the unwanted lines.   STEP 8. Ta Da heres Dooky! That him my baby. A good idea is to color him your own color with some colored pencils. I think you may be able to use paint too. What ever you choose is cool.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.