How to Draw Squidward

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STEP 1. Okay first we have to prepare his hot dog looking face with two oblong circles. One goes across and the other is going down.   STEP 2. Next make the frame for his lanky body and his stale looking shirt. A straight line going down the middle and a regular shirt sketch is good.   STEP 3. Now start sketching out his big depressed looking eyes and the two stress wrinkles he has on his forehead. Also sketch his longs arms with his hands folded back as seen above.   STEP 4. See his sad looking face already. Draw a half bell shape starting from under squidwards eyes and up and under his nose. Before leaving this step make two long square shapes for his pupils, a collar on his shirt and the sides of his legs.   STEP 5. What we do here is put that frown on his face and make four of his six feet.   STEP 6. Now at this point you can go ahead and erase the sketching lines around Squidward and draw the suction cups on the bottom of his tentacles or another words his feet.   STEP 7. Whala your done here you have Squidward Tentacles. Now just color him in and your done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.