How to Draw a Bobcat

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STEP 1. Start off with one big circle and a gown shape to it. The guide lines almost looks like a round table.   STEP 2. Just like drawing a regular cat, sketch out two long diamond shaped eyes, a kitty cat nose with an upside down y attaching to it. Move up and draw two triangle shaped ears with and extra sharp point on the left ear.   STEP 3. Star sketching out the bobcats fur by lightly pressing down on your sketch pencil. The fur is suppose to be light and airy but also compact at the same time. While your sketching out the fur draw two half moon shapes on both sides of the cats nose for the puff pockets of the jowls.   STEP 4. Adding more fur detail in this step. When sketching out the fur on the bobcat put the fur in layers. Define the nose a bit more and put eyeballs in the eye sockets of the cat. Sketch the lower part of the cats forearm as it is resting on the grown.   STEP 5. Just keep adding the fur detail in the sketch and continue to press light on the pencil. Fuzz out the fur going around the bobcats face. Add the whisker holes for the whiskers to come out of.   STEP 6. Again continue to keep on sketching in the cats fur until it looks nice and full with a good flow going on. Be sure to add the definition like fat pockets on the arms and chest. Now move up the picture and start adding the whiskers to each individual hole on the bobcats face. Define the face some more and give the cat some pupils. At this point you can start erasing guide lines and dirty pencil lines on your sheet. When your satisfied with your sketch you can darken it by pressing a little harder on the paper with your pencil. You can add your shadowing and spotting at that point.   STEP 7. And you are done. Your sketch should look like this or resemble this depending on your skill level. I hope you had lots of fun doing this with me and don't forget leave me a comment on my art. You know how artist love criticism.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.