How to Draw Wonder Woman

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STEP 1. Lets start off this tutorial with two easy shapes. First draw a circle for her head, and a w with a line on top closing off the opening, this will be her chest.   STEP 2. Now draw some more guide line shapes by drawing two circles for the shoulders that are placed about half inch below the head, almost forming a triangle shape. Then from those two circles, draw a line coming from each ending with a smaller circle which will be the elbows. Start from the points on the bottom of the torso shape and connect until you have a closed shape for her hips.   STEP 3. Draw the line art as shown above. What you are trying to accomplish is shaping the body to actually look like a pair of arms connecting to the hips. From the lower half of Wonder Woman sketch out two carrot shaped thighs.This will all make sense soon.   STEP 4. Now, from under the head draw two small straight lines to form the neck. Move down to the hip area and draw her fist resting on the waist. Next, draw a line to separate the garment from the top half. Move on down to the legs and sketch out the boot lining.   STEP 5. Move to the top of the head and and draw yourself some helpful guidelines to make sure your face comes out nice and even. What you also want to do in this step is sketch out the hair. An easy way to do his is draw the shape of a rainbow with the clouds on the ends.   STEP 6. Now using the guidelines that you drew on the face, lightly sketch out her eye brows first, which are nothing more then two curved lines. Her two almond shaped eyes, nose and mouth. Move down to the chest plate and sketch out the plate that resembles the wings of an eagle. Her lasso is the last thing to sketch in this step.   STEP 7. Next, move to the top of the head and draw her headband. This is an easy shape to draw, it is a half diamond shape that ends at the sides of her head going underneath her hair. Move down to the boots and sketch out the details in the wonder boots. Each boot should have pointed tips at the top and one stripe going down the middle.   STEP 8. That is it your done. She came out good didn't she. All that you have to do now is erase the sketching lines and guide lines to clean up the image. After all you don't want Wonder Woman being dirty when she kicks butt, right.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.