How to Draw a Japanese Dragon

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STEP 1. Lets start off by drawing a total of ten circles that will assist you drawing this beast a whole lot easier. I know you really can't tell what they are all for but if you look at the position there all in you can kinda get an idea. The top three are for the head, the four spin shaped ones are for the back, and the two all by themselves are the claws. See it now?   STEP 2. As you can see this is where you will start shaping out the dragon by carefully sketching out the face first. Think of a dinosaur or a big bird that should help you draw the head. The head has a shape of a big pair of scissors. Use line art to shape the arms and part of the back leg. the neck has a couple of wrinkles that add definition.   STEP 3. Just follow the steps above and you will get the hang of it real soon. Just round off the chest by drawing a curved shape and then denting inward when you come down to the stomach of the dragon. Stop at the base of the knee and start sketching out the back part. Start from the shoulder and work your way down but make sure you put an arch in the back for his sitting position.   STEP 4. Now what you are going to do here is start sketching out the horn that goes right in the middle of the ears and eyes. It is not suppose to be a perfect horn shape so you should make it crooked just like you see it above. Next draw the eye, it is just a small almond shape then move to the nostrils. Starting behind the larger ear draw the beginning parts of the wings, which resemble bat wings. Right underneath the point of the wing sketch out the arm for the second wing that will later be sketched out. The best thing to do for the front is enlarge the image and see how exactly to approach the lining that is on the chest. The far back leg gets drawn out too.   STEP 5. Define the moon shaped frills on the head some more and work on putting the muscle detail in the arm for the other wing. Sketch out the details in the front paw but draw it out first. The tongue has to be sketched out as well if you look above you can see it hanging out of the mouth. A few pieces of line detail goes on the lower neck and front arm. After doing that draw the tail but not all the way because it eventually comes threw the front.   STEP 6. In this step you will detail the head by adding definition and enlarge the eye a little more. Extended the arm by drawing another half, its a basic board shape with added rounded spots. Sketch the paw that is shaped like its holding something. Detailing the arm a bit more and drawing the claws. Finish drawing the back leg and paw. The sketch line right next to the back paw is not another leg it is the tail coming around the other side. Sketch that in before you move to the next step. Oh and put the details in the front foot touching the ground and on the top part of the back leg. Add 3 small lines for the ribs.   STEP 7. In this step you are going to take a little time sketching the detailing on the frill by drawing lines, but when you are drawing the lines round them off it is suppose to resemble skin. Finish sketching out the wing of the dragon, remember he has the wing in a curved position so you are going to have to draw it out the same way it is shown. Sketch out the claw nails on the tips of the skin based wing before moving to the next step.   STEP 8. There is a lot of detailing in this step. What you should attack first is the horn, it is suppose to have a twisted look going on so if you just follow how the lines are drawn in the image you can pretty much accomplish the same effect. Now work on the side of the neck. These are the fire markings that was described in the description of the dragon, it looks like an upside down "L" if you look at it, but this shouldn't be a problem at all to draw. Underneath the jaw of the dragon has a bushy beard, sketch that in and then move to the unfinished tail. He has a piece of clothe that is wrapped around the end of the tail so that needs to be drawn out, and the end of his tail has a bush of hair so sketch that out before you move to step 9.   STEP 9. This is the last and final step. What you are gonna do here is just add some finishing touches. He is hold a piece of magic in his right hand it looks like a rough chard of glass, and the wing that is hidden behind the scenes needs a quick sketch. After you are done with all that you can erase all the guidelines and sketch marks. Color him in or leave him plan. I hope you had fun drawing the black Japaneses dragon.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.