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STEP 1. Okay this is going to be alot of fun. I love drawing horses and zebras, I think they are so beautiful. The first step to learn when drawing a zebra is sketching out the guidelines that help you keep everything in portion. At the head draw two round circles with the bottom one being smaller then the top. Close the shapes in with two lines. The top line has an arch for the snout. Now move your way to the top neck and draw that line. Then draw three more circles for the frame of the body. The shape in the middle is a large oval shape and the circle at the end should be bigger than the one in the front. Finish off the step by drawing a line from the bottom of the neck down the back of the zebra.   STEP 2. Now here is where you are going to shape the zebra head. Now remember horses and zebras have very similar body and head structures keep that in mind when you are sketching out the body and the head. It is really quite simple to draw it is only a squared shape at the tip and rounds off when you get to the top. Sketch the neck line and start drawing out the legs and hooves for the front and back of the zebra.All you have to do is keep looking at the image to help guide you along.   STEP 3. This is a very simple step. What you do here is sketch out the the zebras mane which is very simple. Start just above the horses forehead and work your way back a bit past the shoulder. On the inner legs just draw very subtle lining for the hind and front legs that are set back. After you finish here, move on down the line.   STEP 4. Now this is a very short simple step. All you have to do here is finish off the neck lining and sketch in the tail. Make sure you puff up the tail on the end, make it look like teased hair. Detail the ear a little more and you should be ready to proceed onto the next step.   STEP 5. Here is where you will have to take your time and sketch, draw and color in all the zebras stripes. This is a very time consuming step so be patient when attempting this task. It was even more difficult for me to do the second time around in photoshop. I use a tablet and even though it feels like your holding a pen, it really is very different. This whole step will probably end up taking you at least 30-45 minutes.   STEP 6. And this is the final step. What you should end up with is a sketch that looks like this. All you need to do is clean up your sketch by erasing the guidelines and pencil marks on your paper. Just color the hooves and blacken up the muzzle. Good job!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.