How to Draw Popeye the Sailor Man

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STEP 1. This step is going to be where you will be drawing out the guidelines in the shape of a mannequin. Start with a egg shaped head, then a small straight line for the neck. Now draw the torso frame in the shape of a rib cage, and then another straight line that comes from underneath the chest and goes straight down to the hips. From the hips draw the two stick legs with small circle where the knees would go, and another two round shapes for the shoes.   STEP 2. Now what you can do here is draw all the lines on the outside to shape up and form the body of Popeye. Now his forearms are thick because as you know he has muscles that pop out from eating his spinach. Just follow the lining and directions in this step and you will do just fine. Remember Popeye's frame is very thick so you have to draw his body with some volume and fullness.   STEP 3. The easy part about drawing Popeye is that he is wearing simple looking clothes. Just a regular pair of blue jeans, white sailor shirt, and dark brown heavy looking shoes. He is a big bulky character that doesn't really have any form of detail at all, just basically on the clothes. So what you do here is sketch in all the detailing on the pants, shirt and shoes. If you look really good it is all line art that creates the illusion of wrinkled pants and shirt.   STEP 4. Very easy short step. Detail, sketch, and draw in the face of Popeye. He only has one eye open on the left hand side and a dot for hi right eye. He is holding a can of spinach in his left hand and a pipe in his mouth. Sketch all these details in. After you are done with this task, what you will do next is erase all those guidelines that you drew in step 1. Sketch lines and pencil marks need to be cleaned up too.   STEP 5. This is it you did it! You drew Popeye the sailor man in only 4 steps. Your sketch should look like this this and if it don't go back and fix the missing details. All you need to do is color his pants blue, his shirt white with blue stripes on the hanging collar, and color his shoes a dark brown. Don't forget his trademark anchor that is tattooed on his right forearm. Do all this and your done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.