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STEP 1. Lets start this step by drawing the guidelines for the flamingo. This will make sketching out the bird alot easier. Draw a long snake like line for the neck and wing, then draw a large egg shape for the inner body of the flamingo. From that draw two simple lines, one going straight down, and one bent forward. Don't forget to draw a smaller round circle on top of the s curved line.   STEP 2. Now what you can do here is draw the outlining of the flamingos actual body. A very simple process, just use the lines you drew in step one as a guide for the shape of the bird. Fill out the lining for the tail and start to draw in the feet with a tiny circle for the ankle. After you complete this step you can move down to the next and start that task.   STEP 3. Now here you can start to detail the flamingos face and bill. Just draw a little dot for the eye, shape up the bill with more line sketching, and shape up the body make it look more real an plump. Fill out the legs by thickening them up but not to much remember flamingos have long sleek legs with webbed feet. After you are satisfied with the sketching on this step you can move on.   STEP 4. And now what you will do here is feather up the body of the flamingo. The feathers of a flamingo really don't have the typical bird quality going on. The feathers on this animal look more like soft cotton balls. And that has alot to do with their color, having the vibrant bright pink color your eyes pick it up to be a smooth looking texture.   STEP 5. Your final step is to erase all the guide lines and sketching lines. Clean up your sheet of paper from all the pencil marks made by sketching. After you are done you end up with a beautifully sketched greater flamingo. Color the bird in with pencils or water colors.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.