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STEP 1. Okay some simple outline sketching going on in this step. As you can see this looks super easy right? Right, draw a medium sized perfectly round circle for sonics head. Then draw in two cat style ears that stand erect. Now right in the edge of the circle that you have to draw for the body, draw a heart shape, this will be his arms that are crossed over each other. From the small circle for the body draw two straight lines for the legs, and at the ends of those draw both his shoes. The top half is shaped like a marshmallow, and the bottom half is shaped like an upside sown triangle.   STEP 2. Here is where you will draw the inner lining for his face. His marks are almost like mickey mouse. His eyebrows are raised on the to so make sure you create that illusion. The easiest way to draw the face outlines is to start at the bottom and draw a non stop "M" that widens with every loop. Now move down and draw his hand and fingers as you can see this is also very easy because they are thick. Thicken up the legs by drawing outer lines then move to the next step.   STEP 3. Very easy step right here. What you need to do is draw in his eyes which are skinny long oval shapes, the separate his eyes from his nose with a connection of the nose line. Draw a half grin for the mouth, a circle on the right shoulder, an inner circle for the stomach, a little tail in the back, and the boomerang marks on his shoes. And that completes this step.   STEP 4. Final step is yet another easy one. Starting at the ear from the far right, draw a line that goes toward the back and then making it end up with four spikes in total for the sonic the hedgehog look. Then draw the remainder fingers on the hand to the right which you can barely see. After you do all that erase all the sketch marks and guidelines to clean up your sketch and move on down to step 5.   STEP 5. Ok, the step you've all been waiting for, the final step. In this part we will be sketching out the shoes, legs, tail, and the socks of his shoes. This is a really hard part because of all the details you have to add in. If you mess up, keep trying! Ready for step 6?   STEP 6. Here you have it the classic sonic the hedgehog sketch. That was wicked easy right? All you need to do is color him his famous blue. Awesome job!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.