How to Draw a Shadow Elven Girl

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STEP 1. This tutorial step starts with drawing out the guidelines and body circles for the shadow elve. Start by drawing a perfect circle for the head, and two smaller circles one for the shoulder, and one for the breast. After you draw those shapes out lightly sketch the guidelines across her face and sketch out the lips, nose, and ears. Line out the lining for her slim body starting right on the side of her face all the way to the side of her shoulder.   STEP 2. In this step what you will be drawing is her hair lining that is long and flowing over her shoulders. Sketch in her eyebrows and lining for the shape of her eyes. Detail her pointy ears and nose as well. Finish off this step by drawing the rest of her arms on both sides. Make sure you detail her face exactly the way it is shown above.   STEP 3. Now this step is very detail oriented. What you have to do is sketch in all of that beautiful looking hair that flows right over her shoulders hiding her beautiful naked body. After you accomplish this task which takes at least 5-10 minutes depending on how skilled you are, sketch in her long eyelashes and eyeballs with the pupils. After this is done it is time to erase all the guidelines and circles from your sketch.   STEP 4. And this is what your shadow elve girl should look like when you are done. The good thing about this last step is you can color her any color you want to. You can make her a regular looking elve or a different race. That is totally up to you.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.