How to Draw a 44 Magnum Gun

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STEP 1. Now in this first step you are going to start drawing out the line art fro the .44 magnum. There is a total of seven horizontal lines, five vertical lines and a few lines that are slanted to fit the shape of the revolver. What you do is look at the image and draw out all the lines. If you are a novice artist you could use a ruler until your hand becomes more steady to draw a perfect line.   STEP 2. In this step you will start to sketch out the actual shape and body of the gun. Starting at the top sketch and draw the barrel of the .44 magnum with simple line art. I used the text tool in Photoshop to actually write Smith & Wesson along the middle of the six inch barrel. At the chamber sketch out the a bit of an oblong square shape to prepare the chamber for detailing. Also sketch out the trigger and the butt of the gun before you move to the next step.   STEP 3. Now this is the step where you will be detailing the gun. Starting at the top right at the tip of the barrel, draw four holes. This allows the pressurized air flow through the gun after being fired. Detail and define the chamber by sketching in the grooves and crevasses along the side. Since I used an actual picture as a reference, I even sketched in the three screws. I like to stay detailed as possible when it comes to drawing. After you detail the chamber, move onto the trigger and the hammer parts of the .44 magnum. After all that is done you can then move onto erasing all the guidelines that you drew in step 1 to finish off the revolver.   STEP 4. Here is your finished sketch of Dirty Harry's weapon, the .44 magnum. All you need to do is color in the sketch with pencils, charcoal or just leave it as is. I colored my sketch in Photoshop CS and used coloring tools to emphasize the details like the smoke, and the shine to the guns and the bullets. The tools I basiclly used was the smudge tool to blend in the lighter color of a whitish grey to give it the shine associated with a stainless steel gun. That concludes this tutorial on how to draw a .44 magnum used by Dirty Harry.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.