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STEP 1. Okay what you will be doing in step 1 is drawing out the guidelines and circles for the possum. Starting with the circle shapes first, at the tip draw a small circle, then right on the side of that one draw a larger circle. Move to the lower side and draw yet another circle for the front leg. Right in the middle draw the biggest circle of them all for the mid section of the possum and over lapping that one draw a smaller one, and then finally draw the last bigger circle for the rear of the animal. Now after all the shapes are drawn out, start sketching out the outer frame of the possums body. This will complete this step on how to draw a possum the guidelines.   STEP 2. Now, here is where you will be sketching out parts of the possums face, feet, back end, and tail. Starting at the head like always, you can lightly sketch out the nose and mouth line. Then move to the side of the head and sketch the shape of the eye and ear. After you get the face sketched out move down to the feet in the front. Now the possum have long toes with long nails that make them claws so they can grapple onto trees. Sketch out the front and back feet and then draw out the nasty looking tail that is basiclly all skin. Move to the next step when you are done.   STEP 3. This step looks hard but it is really quite simple. You have lightly sketch out all the long shaggy looking hair that covers most of the possums body. Sketch in the long whiskers as well and detail the front and back feet some more until your possum looks like the one above. Always lightly sketch until you get it done right so the pencil erases relatively easy. After you do all that go ahead and erase all the guidelines and circles you drew in step 1.   STEP 4. This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are through. Color him in and have a blast. The typical color for possums are like a grayish black. But you can also find them a brownish color. So you choose what your color of choice is.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.