How to Draw a Grasshopper

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STEP 1. Lets start off this first step by drawing guidelines and circles to help you draw the grasshopper with ease. Starting at the head draw a circle with a smaller circle below that one. Behind the head circle draw a large oblong circle for the front part of the body, right below that big circle shape draw in a tiny circle for the position of the front limb. Draw yet two more circles one for the hind leg as shown above and one for the knee part of the hind leg. After you get all the circle shapes drawn, you can start sketching out the body frame of the grass hopper like lining up the hind leg and front legs.   STEP 2. In this step what you will be doing is drawing out the actual body of the grasshopper. Starting at the top draw out the eyeball and front parts of the legs. Draw out the top portion of the the body and the hind legs need to be filled in as well. The under area also needs to be drawn in before moving to the next step.   STEP 3. This step is all about detail, detail, and more detail. Sketch out the wings and vein looking lines throughout the body. What you are trying to do is add definition to the grasshoppers body to create a realism to it. After you get this step down packed, you can go ahead and eras all the guidelines and circles lines that you drew back in step 1.   STEP 4. Here is your finished grasshopper after you have completed all the required steps. All that you need to do is color him or her in. That was pretty easy wasn't it. Good Job ya'll.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.