How to Draw a Lamb

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STEP 1. First step. Here you will draw out all the guidelines and circles to help you draw the lamb with ease. Because the lamb is in a 3/4 view position, the circles will be overlapping each other. Starting at the top draw a medium sized circle for the head and sketch the face positioning lines in the middle. Next draw a smaller circle right below that one for the neck, then two more smaller ones for the leg. After that draw a big oval shaped circle for the butt end of the lamb. Connect the dots with guidelines as shown above.   STEP 2. Here is where you will actually draw out the face, ears, and legs of the lamb. Starting at the top like always lightly sketch in the eyes, nose and mouth as shown above. Look how innocent he is staring to look. Then sketch out the big floppy ears. After you do that you can go ahead and draw out the outer body frame of the lamb, take your time and follow the sketch above to help guide your way.   STEP 3. In this short step you will be drawing out the two hind legs and detailing parts of the face like the left ear, and light sketching on the face and head. drawing the back legs is really simple because the lining is thick and bold. After you do this move down to step 4.   STEP 4. This is a wicked short step because all you will be doing is detailing and defining parts of the lambs body. Look at the face and sketch in the subtle lines shown, then detail the knee caps, and hooves. After your done detailing the lamb you can go right ahead and erase all the guidelines and circles that you drew back in step 1.   STEP 5. Here is the finished line art when you are completely done drawing your lamb. Aw isn't he so cute. All you have to do now is either add some shading and keep the drawing as a sketch or color him in with a soft whitish grey color. Your choice. You did an awesome job, and I will see you soon.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.