How to Draw a Saber Tooth Tiger

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STEP 1. Okay like always we are going to start off this first step by drawing the basic guidelines and circle shapes. Lets start on the left hand side and draw a round circle for the head. Then draw a smaller circle with two tiny circles on the side of the small one for the shoulder frame. Now right in the middle draw an oblong shape for the torso of the saber tooth tiger. At the end of that shape draw another round circle for the butt end of the animal with one more smaller shape for the hind legs.   STEP 2. Look at the image and you can see what you will be doing next. First go to the head and sketch out the face lining on the saber tooth tiger to help you draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in portion. Now you can go ahead and draw out the actual body frame to start shaping up the animal. The two front legs are shaped like socks, and all you have to do is draw a long curved line for the back and butt area. Draw out the hind leg that looks like a candy cane at the tip. After you do all of this move to step 3.   STEP 3. Now here is where you might get a little confused when drawing out the face. The saber tooth tigers mouth is roaring open, so the easiest way to draw out the face is to start at the ears then work your way down. This is very simple if you use the step as your guide. Don't forget the fangs are thick and sharp, also draw in jowls as well. Now you can move down and sketch out the paws of the saber tooth tiger. Remember this animal resembles a regular tiger, so the paws look the same just draw them out as seen above.   STEP 4. Now all you need to do here is detail and define the saber tooth tigers face, body, and tail. Sketch in the eyes and make sure they look fierce and strong. Darken the lines over the nose, inside of the mouth, and fangs. Fluff up the cats face by lightly brushing the pencil over the sheet of sketch paper in a round stroke motion. Next draw the claws on all four paws and fluff up the legs as well. Now you can erase all the guidelines and circle shapes that yu drew in step one.   STEP 5. This is what your saber tooth tiger should look like when you are done. I left the tail long because even though they have short bob tails it looks cool to have a longer tail. The finished sketch can either contain a long or short tail what ever you choose is fine. After all you are the artist and when your an artist you can use your imagination to no end.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.