How to Draw a Raven

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STEP 1. start this step by drawing out all the guidelines and circle shapes. The first circle that should be drawn is the one for the head. Draw a small circle with a tiny circle inside of it for the eye. Then draw a cone shaped beak. After you draw the facial shapes draw a big round circle for the mid part of the body. After that you can start to draw out the guidelines for the body, and leg. Move to the next step when your drawing looks similar to the one above. Don't forget to make the guidelines for the raven's leg, and the frontal view of the face.   STEP 2. Here is where the raven will start developing his good looks. Starting at the head detail the cone shaped beak to look more like an open mouth that is cawing. Add a mouth to the frontal view of the raven, and start drawing the top of the claws on the foot view of the raven.   STEP 3. Detail the neck and top of the head with a few fluffed up feathers. Next move down to the chest feathers and detail them by lightly sketching them. Color in the rounded eye and give it a glossy look to it. Make sure you draw in the rest of the basics of the raven's foot and features to the frontal face.   STEP 4. After you've completed the step above, draw in the wing feathers for raven, and the ruffled feathers on it's chest. On the leg view, draw some scales that are commonly seen on all bird legs. The frontal view of the raven needs a few feather details. Proceed onto the next step after your done.   STEP 5. To give the raven more shape, add the right wing and the legs. Give something for the bird to stand on! Make sure you sketch in the very small feathers on the beginning part of the legs. Ready for the last step?   STEP 6. This step, is probably the hardest. You'll have to sketch a lot of the bark on the torn branch that the raven is standing on. Don't forget to draw in those pesky feet and it's scales! For the finishing touch on the frontal view, sketch in some dark shading to make it's mouth look void and endless.   STEP 7. And this is what your raven should look like when you are completely done. That was a real fun and easy way to draw out a raven wasn't it. Well I will see you all another time. Good job by the way.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.