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STEP 1. This first step like always will show you how to draw the beginning lining of the tribal flames. Right now they kinda look like a bunch of squiggly veins. But this is just the first step to understanding how to draw this symbol. Start by drawing one line going down the middle with a curviness to it. Then from the sides draw the guidelines as shown.   STEP 2. Now in this step which is now step 2 you are only going to focus on the top part of the tribal flames by drawing the actual body texture to them. You do this by drawing thick pointed edges and shapes. Some look like spears and some look like the top of axes. But all in all they do resemble a strong looking flame.   STEP 3. This step is step 3 and here what you are going to do is focus on drawing the bottom part of the tribal flame. Again draw the thickness of the flames with points and rounded tops like axes and spears. If you think about it you can actually see why they are called tribal flames, since they look like axes and spears.   STEP 4. This is the last step which consist of nothing at all. All that is left to do is color the tribal flame in. Now is the time to erase the guidelines that you drew in step one. All that is left now to do like I said is to color it in. This concludes the tutorial on "how to draw tribal flames". Be sure to fire it up!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.