An Easy Way To Draw A Blue Dragon

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STEP 1. The first step to drawing a blue dragon is to draw out the guidelines and circle shapes. First starting at the head draw a small shape for the head. Then draw a large deformed egg shape for the dragons torso. After those shapes are done, move on to drawing the shapes for the hands, feet, and knees. Then when all the circle shapes are drawn out you can start drawing out the guidelines. The neck is a long snake like shape, and the wings look like twigs on a branch. Finish off the lining by drawing out the tail, legs, and arms.   STEP 2. Now in this step you will be drawing more guidelines and the outside frame of the blue dragons body. Starting with the circle shapes draw the two circles for the eyes. Then draw the lower jaw lining. Finish off the top of the sketch by drawing the thick neck, shoulders and arms. Draw the lining for the fingers and claws. Next sketch in the guidelines along the torso for the muscles. Finish off this step by drawing out the legs and feet.   STEP 3. Here is where you can start to notice the dragon taking shape. What you want to do is start sketching out the wing details. Then move down and draw out the face by sketching out the eyes, nostrils and nose, and the open mouth with the teeth showing. You can also start sketching the muscle details on the chest and stomach. Sketch out the fingers and claws on both hands. This blue dragon is actually looking at the artist pointing out step 1. Now sketch the details and definition in the thighs and feet by drawing out the toes and claws.   STEP 4. Now here is where you will be finishing off the remainder steps of the blue dragon. See didn't I tell you this was an easy way to draw out the blue dragon. No drawing is ever to hard to sketch out. What you are going to do here is sketch out the thick frills on the top of his head. Then draw out the thick bold tail, and finish off this drawing by sketching out the dragon wings. Erase all the circle shapes and guidelines to clean up the sketch.   STEP 5. And whala this is what your finished blue dragon should look like when you are totally done. That was so simple and easy wasn't it. Well I don't know about you but for me that was fun. Okay see ya guys.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.