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STEP 1. I have one question for you, are you ready to take a stroll in the park and draw hello kitty? First start off by drawing simple line art that will help guide you through the Hello Kitty process. If you look closely these guidelines look like Japaneses lettering doesn't it?   STEP 2. Now take your pencil and draw a big wide oval shape for the head of Hello Kitty. After that draw another circle around the oval shape you just drew and add the shape of two rounded eras. Next draw out two oblong oval eyes and shade them in and add eyelashes as well. Now draw the simple frame of the kitty's body which is basiclly a square with a mitten attached to it for the hand. Now draw out the thick stubby legs and the shape of the stylish boots that she is wearing. Don't forget to draw in her button nose.   STEP 3. Now here in the last step you will draw all the accessories that the Hello Kitty character is wearing. Staring with her oversized bow that is located on the right corner of her ear. Now draw her whiskers that are attached to the sides of her cheek instead of her nose. Now what you will need to do is draw the shirt straps, bracelets, heart charm belt she is wearing and detail her incredibly cute shoes. After you draw out all these extra glamorous things erase the guidelines and circle shapes you drew back in steps 1 & 2.   STEP 4. Now you are finished with your drawing. This is what your hello kitty character should look like when you are completely done. You can color in her outfit any color you want to and add more accessories if you wish. That was a super easy tutorial on "how to draw Hello Kitty step by step" wasn't it.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.