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STEP 1. In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes of the hydra. First start off by drawing a circle for each one of the heads. Then draw the shapes of the snouts by drawing a long squared shape. Now draw a big egg shaped body structure. Then from that right below it draw a total of two more shoe shaped circles for the feet. After the shapes are all drawn out as shown above, you can start drawing the line work. Using the image above as a reference tool, draw all the lines shown. After your drawing looks like the one above move to step 2.   STEP 2. Now in this step as you can see you will be drawing out the actual body of the hydra. It may look a bit complicated, but if you follow my directions you will have no problem drawing out this Greek mythology creature. Start by drawing the shape of all three heads including the ears. Only two of the hydras heads have their mouth open, the other one is sorta sitting there kinda quiet. Next draw the thick long necks that wrinkle up right in the front. Now draw the shapes of the massive legs and back foot. Make sure as you draw you add muscle definition to the legs and part of the neck. When your sketch resembles the image above move down to step 3.   STEP 3. Now in step 3, you will be drawing the details in the hydra face and parts of the front feet and claws. Starting at all three faces draw the eyes out first. You might want to start sketching at this point so it will be easier to erase any mistakes along the way. Now sketch out the shapes of their snouts like the nostrils. Next sketch out the shapes of the mouths and all the razor sharp teeth they have lying in there. Finally, sketch the detail in their ears which look frilly. After that faces are complete you can go ahead and sketch in some detailing along the necks and chest. Sketch in the claws and feet in the front and draw out the other hind leg making sure you sketch the back claw as well.   STEP 4. And this will be the last step where you will actually be drawing and sketching. A very short simple step as well. What you are going to do here is draw out the tail and sketch in the detailing. Where ever you see a red line, that shows what you should be drawing next. After you get the tail and back claw nail drawn out, erase all the guidelines and circle shapes that you drew back in step one.   STEP 5. And finally this is what you should end up with when you are finally done drawing the Greek mythology creature the hydra. All that is left to do is color him in or leave him as a sketch. If you have any request on how to color in Photoshop please don't hesitate to ask. That concludes this tutorial on the hydra. I will see you all shortly.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.