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STEP 1. In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes as you do in all first steps on DragoArt. For Kai-lans face you will draw a big round circle for the head with the outline of ears as shown. Next draw in two big shapes for the eyes and facial guidelines as well. Next draw the shape for her arms and upper part of her shirt. After the shapes are drawn out draw the guidelines as shown.   STEP 2. Next what you are going to do in this step is draw in her big brown eyes. Start by drawing a smaller circle within the larger one and then color a circle for her pupil. Next sketch in some thick bold eyelashes and thin eyebrows. Now draw her nose and small mouth. Now you are ready to draw out the rest of her body which is basically a box. Box off her shirt and draw in her pants and feet as shown.   STEP 3. Here is the last step o this tutorial. What you need to do here is draw in her hair which is very simple indeed. After you draw out her hair and cute flowers that rest on the sides of her head you can erase the guidelines and shapes you drew back in step 1.   STEP 4. That is it you are done. All you have to do is color her in. That was a very easy image to learn how to draw. That will complete this tutorial on how to draw Kai-lan from Nick Jr.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.