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STEP 1. In this first step you will be drawing the guidelines and shapes to form the frame of the spartan warrior. First draw the first of many shapes, an oblong shape for the head. Then from under the head draw out the shape for the body and arms as shown above. What you are going to need to do is draw in facial and body guidelines. This will help you draw out the helmet and stomach muscles a lot easier. After you get the shape of the body drawn out draw the guidelines for the cape, sword, and spear which happens to be the lining in mid air.   STEP 2. Here is where you will start to detail the Spartan warrior. Enlarge the image and start sketching out the face hidden behind the helmet. Detail the top of the helmet as well. Then work your way down and detail the cape by sketching in a few wrinkles and start sketching out the chest, arms, stomach, and leg muscles as shown. Move down to the lower part of the warrior's legs and draw in the lining for the metal shin guards and parts of the plain sandal.   STEP 3. Here in this step you really don't have to do anything major just detail the cape to make it look long and flowing. You are also going to have to sketch in the beard on the kings face. Sketch out the detailing and lining for the swords holster and detail the right sandal.   STEP 4. This is the last step where you will actually have to draw out any further. At this point before you draw out the rest of the image erase all the guidelines and shapes you drew back in step one. Starting at the helmet detail the shape that surrounds the face.Now sketch out the top of the helmet by adding the straight strands of brittle hair of thread that is stitched into the armor helmet. Now draw out the spear and sword.   STEP 5. This is what your warrior should look like after you are done drawing him out. I know that was just a tad difficult but it was well worth it. All that is left to do is color him in. This completes the tutorial on how to draw a Spartan Warrior.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.