How to Draw a Rock Wyrm

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STEP 1. In this first step what you will be doing is drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes. Starting at the top draw out a round circle with facial guidelines sketched in on the front. Than draw circles for the knees there are about three. Now draw the shapes for the feet as shown. After the shapes are all drawn out you can draw the guidelines as shown above.   STEP 2. Now what you want to do here in this next step is first enlarge the image so you can see the detailed lines that you will need to draw. Next start off by drawing the face of the beast by drawing out the snout and mouth. With the mouth sketched out sketch in the razor sharp teeth and the eye. Now draw out the long curved thick neck of the rock wyrm. After the neck is drawn out you can go ahead and start working on the legs and feet. Start sketching in the muscle definition while sketching the legs. The last step is to draw the tail from base to tip.   STEP 3. This is where the steps start taking a little while to do because you will be sketching and detailing at the same time. Starting at the top sketch in the long shaggy thick hair or mane that the rock wyrm has on top of the head and along the hump of the neck. next detail and sketch out the sack that hangs from the neck. Take your time when you are sketching out the detailing of the hair and sack because you really want the drawing to come out nice. After the top is taken care of move down to the front leg and draw it out toes and all. Detail the leg as well to give the that ruff wrinkled appearance. Now do the same thing on the hind legs and feet. The last part is to draw the back a bit further while sketching in some rough cracks.   STEP 4. This step like I said will take some time as well. You really have to take your time sketching out the details and definition with these last steps to come. First enlarge the image and start detailing the face by sketching in a light fuzz of a beard on the chin. Then sketch in more locks of hair to the rock wyrm as shown above. Detail the front leg as shown to give the creature a bold muscular look. Don't forget to sketch in all the detailing on the top of the head. Detail the legs, feet, and toes on the beast and sketch in all the detailing along the body like wrinkles and definition lines. Finish off the tail and sketch in some hair at the tip as you can see in this step.   STEP 5. In This last and final step of drawing, you will be detailing the head hair and sketching in more details on the body of the rock wyrm. Draw out one by one little circular shapes along the inside of the neck as shown. Then on the back of the neck draw out egg shaped shapes along the spine of the creature. Now right on the spin, on the very top of the spine draw spikes that go down to the tail. Define the hair on the tip of the tail and sketching more detailed circles that are much smaller then the ones on the neck from the back of the hind leg to the tip of the stiff tail. Erase all the guidelines and circle shapes then move down to the next step.   STEP 6. This is the finished sketch after you are completely done. Wow that took long didn't it. But look what you end up with, a work of art. This will conclude the tutorial on how to draw a rock wyrm step by step. I hope you had some fun today with this tutorial I know I did.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.