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STEP 1. First things first. The easiest way to draw a car at least for me is to draw out lines that will later guide me to draw out the shape of the car. Start by drawing out five lines that go across the same length as you see them here. Then draw out three lines that go up and down the same you see them here.   STEP 2. From those guidelines that you drew in step 1 you will be drawing in the outline of the Jaguar as you see it displayed for you in this step. As you can see every line is being used and has a purpose. The best way to start drawing out the shape of the car is to start at the top which would be the roof like right in the middle. Then work your hand all the way around until you close off the line you started with. After that draw out the guidelines for the doors, tires, headlights, and grill.   STEP 3. In this step as you can see you will be drawing out the detailing to the Jaguar. Start with the windows because they are the easiest. Then move and sketch out the side mirror and door handles. Now work on the rear fender and tire. Remember when drawing a car, truck, motorcycle, weapon, or boat all you are doing is drawing a bunch different shaped lines and shapes. After the rear is done move to the front an draw out the front tire, windshield, headlights, grill, and front fender details.   STEP 4. The last thing you will be doing is detailing the definition to the Jaguar. Start by drawing a round circle for the gas flap, and detail the rims doors, side windows, front fender and head lights. Erase all the guidelines and move down to the next step. The whole drawing should take you a good hour to make it perfect.   STEP 5. This is what your Jaguar XF should look like when you are done. Just color her in and pin her up. I used a picture from the Car and Driver magazine as a reference tool. You can find your favorite image out of your favorite magazine after you learn how to draw this car and draw out you own favorited car. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a Jaguar XF.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.