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STEP 1. In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and circles for Freiza. Start by drawing the shape of his circled head with guidelines drawn in.After that draw out a straight line for his shoulders and then add two circles for his shoulders. Now draw out an hour glass type shape to his body and draw the shape of his right. Now draw out all the guidelines.   STEP 2. In this step you will start to draw out the features of his face. Start with drawing a curved line from one corner of his head to the next. Now draw out two slanted type eyes and his small mouth. Move down to his torso and begin sketching out his chest and collar bone along with his rib and other detailing as shown. Begin to draw out his feet and hands.   STEP 3. Now in this step you will be drawing out the the shape and details of the left arm including all his muscles. Draw out the bottom calves and draw the lines for his legs. Detail his tail as well and then draw in his eye balls and inner ear.   STEP 4. In this last part you will be detailing his right arm with muscles. Finish drawing his left leg and continue on with the sketch until his whole body is detailed as shown. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step 1.   STEP 5. This is what your finished drawing of Freiza should look like when you are completely done. all you have to do is color him in and pin him up. That will be the end of this tutorial on how to draw Freiza from Dragon Ball Z step by step.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.