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STEP 1. Lets start this first step by drawing a frame for Jim Morrison and all the guidelines and shapes. First draw a medium sized circle for his head and lightly sketch in facial guidelines. Next draw a wavy cylinder shape around the head for the begining lines of his hair style. After that draw the shape of his jaw as seen here. Jim Morrison had a nicely shaped squared jaw structure and we will try and define that in this tutorial. Draw a small line for his neck and then draw a long curved in line foe his shoulders and arms. From that long line, draw two lines coming from both sides for the shape of his torso. Then draw a line going straight across the torso for his chest.   STEP 2. In step two of drawing Jim Morrison you will now begin sketching in his face. Start by sketching two lines for the shape of his eyes and eyebrows. Next sketch out the lining for his nose, for now just sketch out the bottom nostrils and the mid part of the human nose. Move on to sketching out the line for his pointed top lip and then draw out the shape of his neck along with the shoulders and arms. Begin sketching in the shape of his torso on the right hand side which is the ribs and beginning shape of his chest.   STEP 3. Now here in step 3 you will first start sketching out Jim Morrison's hair. This is going to be done with a serious of wavy sketching in different directions. For instance some wavy sketching of his hair will be sketched inward, some outward and some that goes straight down. After you finish sketching out his hair style, start sketching out the shape of his eyes and pupils which are almost perfect almond shapes. Now draw a small thin line from the right side of his nose and connect it to his right eyebrow as shown. Finish his lips by sketching out the bottom lip and the line that goes right across the middle of your mouth. Now detail his left side of his torso with a line that separates his arm from his chest as shown and give him a set of two nipple circles.   STEP 4. Now you will be doing some shading in this 4th step. Start with his eyes and start shading the inner top part. Some people have a sunken in eye look where it looks like the eyes are set back into the skull. Well Jim was one of these people. So to define this you must shade in the upper portion of Jim's eyes along with his pupils. Now start lightly sketch shading the right side of his nose and under his bottom lip along the lower part of his right cheek and left cheek. Now sketch in his collar bones and sketch him some chest hair along with his beaded neckless. Oh before you leave this step draw two smaller circles for the nipples and erase any visible guidelines that my be noticeable.   STEP 5. After all the guidelines and shapes are cleaned off your sketch you are ready to start finish off the shading all over his entire body. Shade under his chin, under both arm pits and shade his ribs as well. After that you are considered done. If you have a coloring program you can color Jim in if not he looks good as a sketch as well. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a portrait of Jim Morrison.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.