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STEP 1. Okay lets get started with this awesome sketch and draw tutorial on Marilyn Manson. The shape of his head is going to be in two pieces. Start with the top half which is a round circle. Now draw the bottom half which is going to be his jaw, cheeks, and chin. Starting in the middle draw a long straight line for his facial guidelines and then draw four lines that go across which will allow you to draw even eyes, nose, and mouth.   STEP 2. Now here in step 2 as you can see you will start sketching in the shape and outline of his hair as shown. Now using the first line that goes across his face sketch out the shape of his eyes that are somewhat of a slanted almond shape at first. Now draw the shape of his nose and the shape of his large looking top lip. After that you can fill in the bottom part of his face shape by sketching in the oblong line for his chin. Marilyn Manson has a long facial structure. The final thing to draw out is the shape of his neck or shirt which ever you want to call it.   STEP 3. In this step which is step 3, you will start to see the man behind the lines come through. before you start adding more details to his face, start sketching out his hair on the lower right side above the ear that you will draw out before you do his hair. Next draw in his eyeballs and define the shape of his right eye as shown. Lightly sketch in structure lines on his nose to show the bridge and shape of his nose. Next draw the bottom lip and start sketching in his visible teeth. Marilyn Manson has a set of very voluptuous lips and you really need to show this in your sketching. Next draw out the lines that are on his shirt.   STEP 4. You will start this forth step sketching out the left side of his hair style which is loose, lanky, long and flowing. After that draw the outlining lines around the shape of his eye and color in his left pupil a regular size but the right one should be just a small dot. Near the tip of his ear draw a curved line as shown for the begining step of his thumb, and then detail the inside of his ear. Define his lips with simple lines and move onto the next step.   STEP 5. Okay as you can see it is already starting to look like Marilyn Manson and we are only on the fifth step. What you will first do here is finish off the sketching for his hair as you can see. Take your time doing this to ensure a quality sketch. Now detail his lips with small simple thin lines which can be found on everybody's mouth. Now move down to his neck and draw a line for the shirt separation and detail his attire a bit more. Now draw out the rest of his hand that is hiding behind his head which is really just a thumb and a glove.   STEP 6. Here is where you will begin coloring in certain areas of Marilyn Manson. Start by shading in the area around his eyes. As you know he wears a black make-up to define his look. Do the same for his mouth. This is what is going to give the look of plump and bold for his lips. Sketch in shading under his nose which seems to outline the shape. Now color in his glove and the top part of his shirt and a few strips on his shoulders. Do all these tasks with patience and ease to get the best quality possible.   STEP 7. This step will teach you on how to soften up those hard dark spots in Adobe Photoshop. This is a technique used to make the image's dark spots look smudged. I use this effect all the time so the image looks more realistic. So to start off get out your smudge tool and adjust to a reasonable size. Then, set it to strength of 54 percent. This will make the smudge tool capacity light and rough at the same time. It's the perfect setting. After that, start smudging in areas that are supposed to be darkened shadows.   STEP 8. This is what your sketch and drawing of Marilyn Manson should end up looking like when you are completely through. It was very time consuming I know but for me it was worth it. I hope it was worth it for you too. That will end this tutorial on how to draw Marilyn Manson step by step. If you are a user that uses Photoshop stay tuned because I will give you a cool tip on coloring him in on Adobe Photoshop CS   STEP 9. This effect is for creating pore filled skin. I used this on Marilyn Manson because I wanted him to look realistic as possible. I absolutely L.O.V.E Marilyn Manson. His music is great. Anyways, on your color selected color layer, go to the Filter option. A list of effects will pop down. Click Artistic and then Dry Brush. This will give you a rough skin effect. I use this on alot of my images. Anyways a window will pop up. Set any settings that will suit your needs to make a pore filled skin effect.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.