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STEP 1. Lets start this first step with some real simple shapes and guidelines to form a nice frame for the black lab. Start with a small circle for the head and draw two lines for the beginning lines of the snout as shown. Now draw a big egg shape for his torso and then draw a long arched line starting from the back of the head to the end where the tail will most likely be.   STEP 2. Now in this step you will first work on drawing out the face and some of the body before you go any further. Using the lines you drew in step one for the snout complete the shape of the nose as shown until you get what you see here. Now draw in the shape of a side ways tear drop for the eye and then draw out the floppy ears and the lining for the chest. Now start the drawing for the front and hind legs and paws.   STEP 3. As you can see the further along you get with the steps the easier they become. Now you will draw out the back of the black labs neck as shown and make him look a little meaty. Detail and define the dogs coat with some simple lining and then finish off drawing out the front and back legs and paws. You can pretty much say that the front paws are the only ones that look completed. Don't forget to draw out the lining of the puffy tail.   STEP 4. Now you will detail the face by sketching in his nose and then drawing and shading in his eye. You will also need to draw out the whisker holes as shown. Detail his coat with some defining lines as well as the front paws and the hind leg. You will also need to detail inside of the dogs mouth as shown. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one, and you will all be set.   STEP 5. This is how your black lab should come out looking after you are done. That was pretty darn easy I'd say. Now just color him in and remember you don't have to color him black. He could be yellow or brown as well. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a black Labrador retriever step by step. I will see you all next time and remember; Keep up the good work.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.