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STEP 1. Lets start this fist step the way I always start my steps, with some guidelines and shapes. First you will draw out the shape of the owls head along with the facial guidelines as well. Now draw out the small half egg shape for the body along with the shapes and guidelines for the feet. Now what you will do is draw out two lard half heart shapes for the wings and you can add some light feathered lines on the wings to start the feather drawing process along with the large curved line for the beginning of the tail.   STEP 2. Next in this step you will first start sketching out the shape of the head and body better. When doing so, make sure that your sketching is scratchy so that the owl has the appearance of a feathered animal. After that is done you will draw in the two round slanted eyes. Now you can begin working on the sketching of the feathers along the tips of the wings. Wings are drawn very easily, when drawing a feather shape all you have to do to detail and define it is lightly sketch in the line down the middle of the feather but only to the mid part of the shape, then draw a few cuts in the feather to give it that realism. Now you will draw out the claws on the feet along with the shape and feathers of the owls tail.   STEP 3. All you will be doing here is detailing and defining all the feathers scattered through out the owls body. All the sketched shapes resemble small "w"s some are in clusters along the bottom off to the sides and on the sides of the owls chest or body. You will also need to detail and define his tail as well followed by the feet or claws. End this step with the sketching of the small beak in the middle of the face.   STEP 4. Here is the last step for any drawing and touch ups. You will first use the facial guideline grid to draw in the pupils and the beak 100 percent better. Then you can proceed onto erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Now finally you will sketch in all the small feather details on the face and in the middle of the owls chest as shown to you here.   STEP 5. After you cleaned up your sketch and you detailed it a bit more your snowy owl should come out looking like this or resemble the drawing you see before you. All you have to do is color the owl in if you wish or maybe play with some colors and create your own color pallet for the feathers and such. This was a fun tutorial I have to say and I hope you all had a blast learning how to draw a snowy owl.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.