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STEP 1. Okay lets start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Peter Rabbit. Start with the shape of the head which s an odd shaped egg with facial guidelines drawn in. Now draw out the guidelines for long bunny ears. Now you can draw the shape of his body which looks like a rounded long dress. After that the lines for the arms and the shapes for the feet and hands can be drawn.   STEP 2. In this step I we will sketch out the lines for Peter's shirt and the face and ears. Rabbits have slanted and narrow bug like eyes. So when you draw this rabbit make sure you make the rabbit eyes. Also flesh out the lines for those ears. A useful tip for drawing all animal ears is to draw them like your drawing the veins of a leaf. To finish up this step draw the fluffy fingers of the left paw.   STEP 3. This is the last and final step for drawing the famous Peter Rabbit. Add some nice and delicate whiskers on the sides of his face. Make sure you have a good amount of them. Be sure to make the whiskers really long so it looks less like a cat's whiskers. Add some more detailing on the left and right arms and hands. Add a nice belly and feet to the rabbit too. Don't make Peter too fat!   STEP 4. Well that's all you need to know for drawing peter rabbit. It took me a while to make him nice and easy for you to draw. I love these series. They give me a warm feeling inside. I used to watch the shows when I was little. I loved the part when he gets locked in the tin can and is trapped cause he was hiding from the cat. Good times, eh? Anyways I hope this tutorial was useful to you. I made it especially for easy step by step learning. :D XD   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.