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STEP 1. you will start this first step with the basic guidelines and shapes sketching. Start with the shape of his head which is just a small circle. Next sketch in the facial guidelines so you will be able to draw his face in proportion. Now you will start drawing out the shapes of his body starting with the torso. It sort of starts out like a heart then rounds off and forms a set of arms made up of circles. These shapes will later be his muscular arms and powerful looking hands. Now start sketching out his nicely shaped thighs and legs then you can draw a circle for the shield.   STEP 2. Here in this step you will start drawing in the some more lines that will shape and form Captain America. Start with the face and head. Sketch out the shape of his head and then draw in the lining for the mask, eyes, nose, and mouth. Now sketch out the shape of his neck using simple line work. Now you are ready to start forming his left arm and turn it into a nicely shaped muscular limb. After that is complete draw out his fist for a closed fist and then start working on his shins and the fold of the boots.   STEP 3. Okay now you can prepare yourself for detail sketching now cause you will have to start detailing his gloves and shape out his foot as shown. After that define his legs with some lines to form some nicely shaped muscles. Draw out two lines in the inside of the shield. After you do this you are ready to move onto the next drawing step for Captain America.   STEP 4. All you will have to do in this last step of drawing is draw out one more circled line on his shield and then the star smack dab in the middle. Now sketch in the "A" emblem on the mid part of his face mask with two wings on each side of his mask helmet and sketch in some more detailing on his left boot. Now after you are satisfied with your drawing you can erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew back in step one to clean up your sketch.   STEP 5. After you are done your sketch drawing should look like this or look similar to the one you see above. Now that we learned how to draw Captain America I feel like saving the world. All you have to do is color him in those famous red white and blue colors. Okay I hope you had a blast and I will see you all next time.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.