How to Draw a Bird Dragon

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STEP 1. In this step we will be drawing the basic body frame of the bird dragon. To make this easy, make large circles and ovals for the legs and arms. The wings consist of a lot of curvy lines. The lines of the wings are just guidelines for the feathers that will take place. Now for the base of the head start with a circle. Add a large square oval on the top of that circle. This will be the brow and cheek of the dragon. Start sketching out a rough sketch of the mouth too.   STEP 2. Now in this step, we will start drawing the flight feathers of the bird dragon. Add some curvy crooked lines on the tip of the neck. This resembles the spine of this dragon. Start shaping out the face too. Make the brow nice and thick so it looks more like an eye socket beneath it. Draw the lower jaw of the mouth too. Right at the crease of the jaw there's folds of skin. These flab's of skin stretch out when it roars. Anyways, start sketching out the base of the arm and paws of the creature too.   STEP 3. In this step we will finish fleshing out those flight feathers. Make sure you make the flight feathers proportioned. In other words make them all in order as they curve towards the base of the body. We will also add two feathers inside of the wing too. Add the abnormal horns on top the dragon's head too. Add several teeth to the mouth too. Also start sketching out the legs and forearms. Add some extra muscle to the beast too so it has some strong definition to it. We will continue to add more details to it too like the frills on the elbow of its arm.   STEP 4. Now this step is a little more easier. This is just a step to show you where to add the details that are needed to make your dragon more realistic and cool. We will start adding some of those feathers at the tip of the tail. Add some hairs at its chin and head too to make it look bare of feathers. Sketch in some wrinkles and folds into the frill area. Draw in some details to the arms and legs. Add some large scales at the tip of the forearm. This will make your dragon more bird like XD.   STEP 5. In this step we will add some hardcore details to the wings. Draw some vieny looking lines inside of the flight feathers. These will indicate the stem of the feathers, like all birds have. Continue to add some extra feathers to that wing so it looks fluffy and realistic. You definitely don't want feathered wings to be bare of feathers. It wouldn't look like a bird wing at all. Before you continue to the next step, add some extra detail to the back, head, and tail of the dragon. See how the tail is shaping out nicely?   STEP 6. Now this step is really simple and easy. All we are going to do is fill in extra feathers to wings. Add small curved lines inside of each individual feather. This will definitely spice up some realism. Around the forearm area, make some smaller feathers too. These are just indications of the dragon's abnormality and uniqueness. With all of my dragons, I try to make them detailed and unique as possible. Ready for the finished line art?!   STEP 7. Well I guess that's it. You should come out with this as the finished product. Erase those unwanted lines and you should come out with this. If it doesn't I'd say you still did a good job. I mean your still a beginner right? If you want you can redraw and re-follow the steps if your not satisfied with your finished product. Practice does make perfect. Though, no one is perfect XD. Well I hope you enjoyed the quality and fun of this tutorial. Yay...=D   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.