How to Draw Homies Character Bobby Loco

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STEP 1. Like always start this first step with the basic guidelines and shapes to form a solid frame for what you are about to draw. In this tutorial you will be drawing the Homies character Bobby Loco. Start with a round circle for his head with facial guidelines drawn in as you see here. Next you will draw out the large shape of his torso as well as the shape of his arms. Lastly you will draw a line down the middle of the bottom half of his body and make it turn to the left.   STEP 2. Next in this step you will start to sketch in his face as you can see. Start with a line for his knit hat and make it come down just past his eyes so they are hidden. Now sketch out the shape of his wide nose and thicken the line for his mustache. You will next give him a set of lips and then an upside down shaped mushroom for a goatee. Shape his shirt by adding a line on both sides for his sleeves. Shape and draw out his left arm and hand. Now draw in his pants and add some winkle lines to them to make them look baggy. Next draw out his shoes.   STEP 3. Here in this step you will detail his knit cap by draw thin lines all the way across until you get something like you see here. Sketch in his collar on his tee and detail the bottom of his pants and shoes a bit.   STEP 4. Okay here you will shade in some of the areas on his face. Start with shading in under his hat until the shading actually looks like he is wearing glasses. Now shade in and thicken his mustache some more as well as his goatee. Sketch in some detailed crease lines at the bottom of his oversized tee and then you can begin to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 5. This is what your finished Homies character Bobby Loco should look like after you have cleaned up your drawing. That was super simple right. Well color him in and put him next to Hollywood. That does it again for this Homies tutorial on Bobby Loco.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.