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STEP 1. In this step we're going to draw a large ball for a start. This will be the base of the whole body. Next is to draw three circles for the three heads. Add the guidelines as shown. These are used to draw the face with ease. I use these guidelines all the time to help me level out the eyes, mouth, ears, and noses equally. Add three lines ascending from the lower body. These lines are going to be the Cerberus's legs. At the end of the lines make ovally circles. These will be the bases of the paws. All the way to the right, add a curved line for its tail.   STEP 2. In this step we're going to add some little details in the Cerberus's body and head. What were gonna do is add some eyes and ears to the faces of the dog heads. As you all know the way to kill a Cerberus is to destroy the middle head. If you do this then all the other heads will die off. Start shaping out the paw toes and claws of the beast. Start sketching out the boniness of the tail too. Don't forget to add a patch on the chest area. Later on we're going to add the ribs and muscle overlapping it. At the top of its back, add some ridged lines to make its tumor look like its ripping out from its back.   STEP 3. In this step we will continue to add some useful details into the massive beast. Add the folds of skin on the snout of it too. This makes your dog heads seem like its snarling and ready to snap at you! Add those lines for the ears as well. For each of the necks for the Cerberus, add lines to define its spine trailing upwards to the large emerging tumor. Don't leave out the boxy lines for the noses of our dog head too! Chip in some details to the peeling skin around the tumor. This will make the tumor seem like its emerging from its place. I know this sounds pretty gross, but I just had a vivid imagination the night I drew this. Thanks to my Marilyn Manson music XD.   STEP 4. In this step we will start adding the claws to the paws. We will also add some lines to define muscle definition. Add some lines to define bones around the rib area too. This will make the beast look like its decaying. Add some boniness to the back of its hind-legs and tail. Separate the tail with lines to make it look really bony and decaying. The most important part about a dog's front view is the muscle definition in the middle of the chest where the two forelegs meet. This makes your Cerberus more toned. Haha, I is the master at toning up muscles and bones!!! XDDD   STEP 5. In this step we are going to start adding some details to the rib area. In this part we have to make the organs inside of the ribcage area. This is where the muscle starts to overlap like pieces over the rib area. We all know that we don't have bare ribs underneath our skin. We first have a layer of skin, then fat and then muscle. After the muscle layer comes the bones. So keep that in mind for when you make a monster ripped apart or torn on its body. The most important part of making the necks of a Cerberus is to define the lines of where the head is on its own spine. Make some lines that seem to separate the necks of the three dog heads.   STEP 6. Well everyone, this is the completed and awesome product of the hound of hell with three heads!! About time we are now finished. This tutorial took me forever to complete to make it easy enough for you Dragoart fans :D I tried to make the lines clean enough so that the Cerberus looks cut and lean. Well, this is my version of Cerberus. Note to you that this is not what Cerberus should look like, this is just my vision of one :P. So I hope this helped out, enjoy!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.