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STEP 1. Make a circle(The circle will be Link's head),and then draw a line going down. When your making the line, make a little curve were the line is under neath Link's chin is. After you make the line, make tree lines(one in the miiddle of the line, one a little bigger than the middle line under neath it, and one a bit smaller than the line under neath the middle line)   STEP 2. Next you make his shirt. Tip: Make shure you make a little sharp hill between the middle line and the line under neath it. Make the legs too. Tip: The legs are not supose to be strait.   STEP 3. This is a simple step. Make the hair nice and smooth. You don't have to make it smooth, and DON'T take up the whole circle, cause you need the rest for the hat. After making the hair, make his right arm. Make a line is curved a bit, and make a circle in the middle. That will help you to make a straight arms.Remember, make the line curved going down to were his belt is at. Now make the belt by connecting 2 lines to the little sharp hill,and across the other side of his waste. On the left arm, do the same thing like the right arm.But make the arm touch his waste. Not literally on his waste, cause you waant his hand to grab on to his waste.   STEP 4. Finaly, make the sword and the hands. Theres not much to say for this step becuase its so easy. Make the hat an the left side sideburn, looking like the wind is blowing left. Then make the ears and the eyes. Tip: Make the shield. You don't have to make it. Also, make the sword look like its behind his legs.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.