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STEP 1. In this step we will be making the base of the joker’s huge head. We will do this by making the outline shape of his face. This should be an easy step for you to complete. In the center of the face make a few guidelines to help guide you to proportion Heath Ledger’s face. I use these lines all the time when I draw faces, dragons, animals, etc. The vertical line that goes straight down through the face is the base line where you layout all the other guidelines for the features of the face. Right through the middle of that vertical base line you will need to add a long horizontal line for the perfect positioning of the eyes. On each of the sides of the horizontal line you will need to add small vertical lines. These will be the guides for the eyes. The lines near the chin area are for the mouth and nose. Next is to draw a rough sketch of the joker’s hair. This is just an outline of the base of the hair. The next easy part you will need to sketch out the shoulders. Ready for the next step mates??   STEP 2. In this step we will start drawing the features of our dark Joker’s face. As most people who seen the Dark Knight know is that the Joker has scars on the sides of his mouth from his psycho father. His dad cut the sides of his mouth with a knife after he killed his mother. Thus the quote "Why So Serious." Well anyways, we will begin by drawing out the eyes of the awesome Joker’s face. He reminds me of a deformed and crazy killer clown…*duhhh*. After you have done that part of the step we will need to draw the screwed up lips of the Joker. Now we will proceed to the hairline around his head. To be honest I had a real difficult time drawing the hair for Heath. It takes a long time to make the hair nice and realistic. I drew this portrait using Photoshop CS3 and a large 6 by 12 intous3 tablet. On with the next step shall we mates????   STEP 3. In this fun and epic step we will begin by fleshing out the separate details to the hairs. This is very difficult for me because I have temptations to make the hairs end up looking like scribbles. Make sure you make your hair curly and not straight. The first time I painted Joker’s hair it came out all straight like he came out of a barber shop…or better yet turned emo XD. So I redid his hair and made it all curly at the ends and the sides. The most important part of our Joker’s face is that you have to add his defining details. This includes his thick wrinkles on his forehead and the scars on his face. When you start to paint or color your joker, make sure you make the outside of the wrinkles smeared with white makeup paint. This will make the image more like the actual Joker himself. We will now proceed on adding the lines for the bottom lip. This actually is a lip with excess red makeup smeared on. The red makeup extends towards the both sides of his cheeks to faintly cover up his scars. We will shape out the lines for the suit of our dark villain too. Are you ready for the next exciting step???   STEP 4. In this last and mediocre step we will start off by drawing all the little details to his suit. This includes his tie, the jacket of the suit, and the shirt beneath the jacket. This step is seriously my favorite part because we are going to shade the lips, black eye makeup, and the really dark part of the hairline. This should be easy and fun to complete. I know this might appear to you as really hard but I tried to make the steps as easy as possible ^.^ Continue to add some shading to the Joker’s wrinkles, this will make them appear more 3D and realistic. Now doesn’t Heath Ledger look so awesome and EVIL!!!!???? I LOVE IT!!! THE JOKER SO OWNS XD!!!! Finished product shall we???   STEP 5. This is what your sketch of the Joker should look like when you are completely done. The total process may take you a while depending on how experienced you are as an artist. I hope you enjoyed this realistic tutorial on how to draw the Joker form Dark Knight step by step. My bidding is done and I will see you all tomorrow with more fantastic tutorials for you to learn from.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.