How to Draw Chibi Sephiroth

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STEP 1. Start this first step with some basic guidelines and shapes to form a solid frame for the Chibi Sephiroth. First you will draw a circle with the facial guidelines drawn in and then the small circles for his shoulders and hands. Next draw a wide bell shape for his leather coat. You will next draw out the guidelines for his arms, legs, feet, and sword.   STEP 2. Here in this step you will start sketching in the face starting with the shape of the eyebrows and rounded lines for the eyes. Next make the outline for his mouth and then the lines for his long shinny white hair. After you complete that task you will start drawing out the shapes of the arms and legs. Now when you are doing this remember that the sleeves and pants have to be drawn out with wrinkles and creases. His right and left hand are the next things to be added, as well as the hilt for his Katana sword. Lastly draw out the shape of his left boot.   STEP 3. In this third step I would like for you to focus on shaping out and drawing his hair. This is very easy to do because all you will be doing is making thick strands of hair as shown in the back and in the front. Now you will add his tongue and bottom lids as well as drawing out the detailed definition lines for his coat like the buttons and the lines to make his jacket look flared. Finish his right arm and then the shape for his right foot.   STEP 4. All you will be doing here is detailing the front portions of his hair as well as detailing inside of his ears. Draw the oval circles for his eyes and then begin detailing his shoulder pads on his jacket with definition lines. You will also add more wrinkled lines on the left of his coat to add more detail and then draw out the blade of the Katana sword.   STEP 5. Again this fifth step is all about detailing and defining. Sketch in all the crease and wrinkle lines that are scattered throughout the image and then begin the detailing of the hilt of the sword and finish off the lining for the blade. Next add some buttons on his boots and then two small curled lines under his eyes to give him cheeks.   STEP 6. You will first start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one before you go any further. Only erase the lines that are visible. You will detail the ends of his hair and then draw in more detailing lines and small circle shapes. Also write the name of your favorite candy on the front of candy bar that is floating in his hand. Then you will shade in pupils for his eyes.   STEP 7. This is what your Chibi should end up looking like when you are done. Just color him in and that's it take his chocolate bar. That will end this tutorial on how to draw Chibi Sephiroth step by step. I will see you back here in a bit with more tutorials for you to learn from. I'm oudi, Peace.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.