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STEP 1. Okay lest start this first step with two simple shapes. First off, look at the image above and try and think what this step reminds you of. If you answered a pair of lips you are right. In this first step you will draw two shapes that come together like a pair of lips. After you complete this step you can move down to the next.   STEP 2. Now here in this step you will already start to add in the feather shapes as seen above. The feathers are nothing more then a series of repeat "Ws" being drawn out in different directions. After you do that you will then draw a long and large slightly;y curved line that starts at the tip of the last feather, and goes down to the beginning of the first feather. After that draw a series of feather lines to separate each one under the smaller shapes you drew on the top.   STEP 3. In this thirst step you will draw in more of those smaller feather shapes until the top of the wing looks half full of feathers. You will then draw out more longer feather shapes ontop of the longest feathers on the very bottom of the wing. Once you are done with that you can then round off the tips of the wings on the bottom as shown.   STEP 4. You will now start detailing and defining the feathers on the wing and the wing itself. First detail the feathers you already drew out in previous steps, then start sketching in smaller feathers on the top of the wing as shown to you above. After that you can define the other longer wings and begin erasing all the guidelines that you drew in step one.   STEP 5. Once you are complete with all your steps you should end up with a wing that looks like the one above. See how easy was that? All you have to do now is color or shade it in and now you just learned how to draw a feathered wing for your angel, bird, phoenix, gryphon, fairy, or flying horse. I hope you liked this tutorial scroll down to see bonus steps on how to draw a feathered wing.   STEP 6. In this tutorial we will be doing extra steps. These extra steps will be useful techniques that you can use when coloring or editing in Photoshop. I draw and color all of my images in Photoshop CS3. I also use a Wacom Intous tablet. So if you have Photoshop and a beginner using it, these steps will help you make your feathered wings more detailed. We are going to transform the showed wing in the image into a way more detailed wing. These steps will be quick and easy for you to comprehend them right. Are you ready to learn??   STEP 7. In the first step select your eraser tool. Click the little palette at the top of the program and a box should appear. This is called the brush tab. It is where you edit the settings of your brush. In this case we will be adjusting these settings to an eraser brush. So in this brush editing palette, we will make our magic happen. This is a technique that will make this dark and flat spot into a feathery area. So make sure when you open up the brush tab you are sure your adjusting these settings on your eraser tool.   STEP 8. This is the brush settings palette like the thing I talked about in the previous step. Anyways, check off the 'Scattering' setting. This will open up a new slide at the right side of the box. Now we will adjust the brush settings by changing the percentages and numbers at the shown areas. Make sure the 'Scatter' is set to 521%. This setting will make the distant apart from each stroke farther. The higher you make the slider go to the right, the more scattered the stroke or 'dots' appear. I tend not to make the scatter too much because the brush strokes will be hard to control. Now to ease up the brush control, make sure the count is at 1. After you adjust these settings you should be ready to make your feathers!   STEP 9. Now as you can see in this step I am brushing off all the dark spaces and turning them feathery. This is a really easy and useful technique to make spotty and fluffy looking feathers. Since I am using a tablet, coloring is way easier and the pressure of the brush is controllable. But if your using a mouse you should get the same effect. But you got to make sure the scatter spots are evened out. If not your top wing will look like dots all over the place. Well I guess this is it. I hope these little steps helped out! Toodles XDD   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.