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STEP 1. In this first step you will start it by drawing a small circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the large squash shaped body. After you do that you can draw out the guidelines for the legs and arms. Include the shapes for the hooves as well.   STEP 2. Next you will start this step by sketching in the shapes of his ears and then move onto is face and draw out the sow like shaped snout and mouth. You will then start shaping out the left arm and shape out the entire left side of Otis's body as well as his hind legs. End this step by drawing the shape of his milk sack and one nipple.   STEP 3. Here in this step you will start to draw out the lines for his cow like markings starting at the shoulder and working its way to his stomach. After the markings are drawn out you can then start detailing his face by adding two small round eyes and then a separation line for his face and snout. Draw out the lining for the bottom of his mouth and shape out the left arm and hoof. You will then draw in the rest of his milking nipples and shape out the right side of his leg and add a tail.   STEP 4. In this very last step you will color in his pupils and two nostril holes as well as draw the lines for his hooves. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Clean up your drawing and move onto the last step.   STEP 5. Color in all the black spots and that is it you are done. You have just completed another drawing tutorial on That will end this tutorial on how to draw Otis from Barnyard step by step. All you have to do is color him in and proceed onto another tutorial of your liking. I will be back tomorrow guys its back to work on the new layout for my favorite site in the world.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.