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STEP 1. In this step we will draw out the basic structure of L Lawliet's body. Right now the hands look like mittens but that's my favorite guideline to make drawing hands easier. The most important thing about drawing faces from scratch is to make a circle along with a triangle bottom. After you make those, draw three basic horizontal lines for the face, nose and mouth. This is an essential way to make faces much easier. All manga artists use this basic frame to make their characters. Anyways, start drawing out shapes for the feet and the torso. After you have done, move on to the next step on how to draw L Lawliet.   STEP 2. In this easy step, we will draw the bottom hairlines for L's head. Draw two slightly curved lines for the beginning of the eyes. Add some stater fingers on the right hand. Sketch out some rough ruffles and outlines of the clothes. The lines that extend to the feet area should help you make the clothing easier. Don't forget to draw the beginning lining of the feet. After you have done this, start drawing out the lines for the bench that L is sitting on. You don't have to draw the bench for this image. You can draw him sitting on a couch, table, chair or even the ground. Let's proceed to the next step! L is waiting to be finished =33!   STEP 3. OK, now we will start drawing the facial features to L's head. Draw the horizontal direction of his hair. Remember, L doesn't have straight hair. It is spiky and flows horizontally as if the wind were blowing it. Draw the outside lines of the eyes. Later on we will be adding the pupils to these apathetic windows of L XD. Finish off the other ruffles and sides of his clothing. Draw the rest of the fingers on the right hand. Begin making some starting finger lines for the left hand. Finish off the rest of the toes too. And lastly, draw some of the bench too. Try not to lose yourself =P   STEP 4. Yes! This is my favorite step because we get to finish off L Lawliet's face. Look how his eyes are so dark and empty. That's the other thing is so awesome about this character. Draw the lasting inside ruffles of the jeans. Close up the ending lines to the left hand as well. Finish off the rest of L's awesome hairdo too. Lastly sketch out the rest of the bench. He owns the is his lair! He seeks out his prey deadly and silently with his menacing glare XDDD. Hah I'm just kidding. Exaggerating moments, who doesn't have them? =P We is almost done people!!   STEP 5. Sweeeeeeet, this is the last step to completing our victory! In this last and awesome step, we will end off the final details of the bench and clothing. Add the finishing ruffles to the jeans and shirt. Don't forget to add the bottom line for the collar of the shirt. Oh and add the neck for L, we don't want him to look like he has two chins! Actually L is considered to be underweight...even though he eats all those sweets. This amuses me, the power of Japanese manga!   STEP 6. People, I now announce to you, the final image of L Lawliet! Yeah, give yourself a pat on the back and a piece of chocolate. You have now accomplished the power of drawing L. Every fan girl drops to his knees and worships him. They have altars of him! Lawl...I'm just kidding people XDDD. If you didn't get him to come out like this then restart the tutorial. It's okay if you didn't draw him right the first time. That doesn't necessarily mean your a bad artist. Art takes a lot of practice. If you came out with the perfect L Lawliet then jump around and make some loud sounds. Don't forget to eat a twinky while you celebrate XD. Alrighty folks, it is time for me to go start my manga comics. They call my name!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.