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STEP 1. In this step we will start off with the basic frame of the body. This is always important when you draw bodies! I always use this technique because it helps me proportion the body perfectly. The hands, feet and head are a different story though. Anyways, we want our One Piece character to look awesome! Therefore, Luffy has a elongated shape to it. His arms and torso is unbelievably long. So the trick to this is to make Luffy's torso and arms longer. The body frame you will start off with should help you draw his body position perfectly. Are you ready for the next step?   STEP 2. In this step we will draw out the starting shape of the clothes, face and hair. This is also an easy task to complete. Be sure to pay good attention to the arms and head. In order to make this Luffy D. Monkey to look exactly like the original Luffy from One Piece, is to pay attention to the upper body and face area. I know I already explained this in the previous step but, I just want you to know this important tip. It is the key to making the awesome Luffy. But now that I have explained that, let's get back to drawing the character! Around the toe area, sketch out the beginning lines for the toes. Same thing goes for the hands as well. Don't forget to make your character's hair nice and spiky. Most Manga male hairstyles have a spiky look to it. Hairstyles like that give your character a personality of being serious, funny, loving, or apathetic.   STEP 3. Ok, in this step we will add the ruffling in the jeans. We will also add the folds on the bottom of the pants. This is there because Luffy's pants are rolled up almost to the bottom of his knees. Add the other lines to finish off the calf and toes. Begin sketching out the base part of the sandals too. Now we will go add the finishing lines for the lower arm and hand. Remember to make Luffy's arms long. I know he looks like a giraffe. That's exactly what I thought when I seen the One Piece show. Anyways, finish of his eyes and the top part of his hair. After you finished this move to the next step =3   STEP 4. This step should be extremely easy. This is when your work pays off. We will now add the last lines for the inside of the shirt. Add the lines for the sandal straps as well. Don't forget the criss-cross lines on his hat as well. These lines will give the hat a straw or ragged look. This is called 'texture'. It adds more realism and customization to characters. That is exactly what we want. Lastly, add the stitched marking on Luffy's face. After that we are done! Ready for your lineart?   STEP 5. Yay! We are finished with our Luffy D. Monkey! That should have been easy. After all, Luffy should be an easy character. There really isn't much to him. All he wears is a simple sleeveless buttoned shirt, rolled up blue jeans, sandals, and a hat. It's not really complex like most anime manga characters are. This should be an easy tutorial on how to draw Luffy D. Monkey from One Piece. After you've practiced this a few times you'll probably be able to draw more advanced characters. What I do to make my characters look better is practicing. My weak points for drawing people are the hands and feet. I've been learning how to make them better though. Well, I guess we're pretty much done. More tutorials will be posted soon! I hope this tutorial helped bunches!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.