How to Draw a Shield

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STEP 1. This is simple, first you should draw the line across as shown then draw the diagonal lines going down the right and finally to finish step 1 draw a intersection as shown.   STEP 2. First you should be making two lines going down from the diagonal lines you drew in step 1. Then you draw two more diagonal lines going almost to the middle from the two straight lines you just made.   STEP 3. okay now all you have to do is make the bottom of the shield and round it as shown so make 2 more really slanted lines to make the bottom then round the parts where its straight as shown.   STEP 4. Okay so far we've got the shape and outside of the shield. Now to start doing the inside as shown make a plus using the intersection you made earlier and you'll be finished.   STEP 5. Now just draw a ring at the top right corner as shown and you're done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.