How to Draw a Coffin

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STEP 1. Start this first step by drawing some basic guidelines to help make drawing a coffin a whole lot easier. First draw a long straight line down the middle of your paper. Then what you will do is draw the smaller lamp shade shape piece first and then draw a larger one above it.   STEP 2. In this next step you will finish drawing out the lining and shape of the coffin. After you have completed the coffin shape, you will start drawing out the top part of the cross as shown. At this point you can draw out any kind of cross you like. Next draw two dash lines for the middle of the cross and then draw out the simple skull with the alien type eyes.   STEP 3. As you can see you will draw out the rest of the cross and then detail the tips as shown. Next you will work on the skull and draw teeth and fangs. Detail the coffin at the corners to give it dimension and shape. You are almost done with the drawing. See I told you it was gonna be easy.   STEP 4. In this last drawing step you will now just detail the cross a bit more to add definition to it. You will also detail the skull as well and add dripliets at the points of the fangs. You can go ahead and erase the straight line in the middle of the coffin to clean up your work.   STEP 5. In the end this is what your coffin should look like. All you have left to do is color it in and give it your own personal touch. That will do it for this cool tutorial on how to draw a cartoon coffin step by step. i will be back in a bit with some more rad stuff to draw. Peace out!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.