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STEP 1. Draw 3 big circles as shown in the picture.   STEP 2. Now we will start on the head, ear, body, and guidelines for the legs. Start with the ear. make sure that your new line does not touch the circle except where the bottom of the jaw is..then your new line should be on the 1st circle of the head. Now start on his back...make sure your lines are even with his ear. also, leave gaps for the fur on the back of his neck, his wing, and his tail. OK, on the 2nd circle (the lower left one) make a line in the center. hen you reach near the end, start to curve in. When you hit the end of the circle, make a diagonal line. This will be the outline for his front paw. On the right circle, start with a diagonal line, coming out of the circle (about an inch is good) go down with the line about an inch, and start to curve in. Make a straight line, then cure it back to the front. The tip of the line should be even with the first point.   STEP 3. OK now for the fur on the neck, tail, chest fur, and to finish the leg and paw. I started with the fur on the neck. Once it is done correctly, it should have 5 spikes, and it should even up with your line forming the back. now on to the tail. I have nothing much explaining how I did this, but I started with the first little spike poking up, then started to make each one lean a little more downward... for the easiest way, start with the left paw first before doing the chest fur. it made it a heck of a lot easier to do the leg before the fur...when you start the leg, start close the the outline on the leg from the previous step. as you start to reach the top, start to go further out from the guideline. since he is a wolf, make sure you add some fur coming off his elbow. :D On the back paw, start with a line touching the back circle, I made the back leg a little chubbier than the first one, and it turned out fine. ok now for the chest fur. I did the same concept for the chest as I did the neck. just follow the path of a half circle, making the fur face downward. you are now done with this step! yay! one more step to go :D   STEP 4. First add the eye. since he is facing down, make sure you tilt the eye down. Add his back legs, and his wings (optional...personally, I really don't like them, but I was bored when I sketched it out, so I was being creative.) add details, clean up your unwanted lines, color him in, and you now have a totally adorable anime wolf!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.